Saluseke Energy Solution (Pty) Ltd is a global engineering partner/company specializing in the energy sector. SES was Founded by Gideon Ngonga, Candidate Eng. Tech, GIPET, Green Star AP. with extensive experience in services such as EPCM/turnkey solutions, commissioning, security, and feasibility studies.

Across both the private and public sectors, we have formed excellent relationships as demonstrated through our footprint and the ability to execute work in remote and tough environments.

Our success is driven by our professionalism across all professional personnel levels; Project managers, Consultants and Engineers who seek daily to change people’s lives by adding value to all our client database, while embracing a safe, effective, and efficient work methodologies. 


We continuously invest in acquiring new skills and knowledge on the latest industry technologies. We thrive on a modern, flexible, and innovative work culture and aim to transform our vision of being Africa’s leading EPCM/turnkey service provider, sharing both knowledge and experience with our clients and the leaders of tomorrow. 

Harvest the wind, water & sun for your energy needs

We have experts who articulate problems, device a solution and turn the project into reality through our various consulting services.