Services Descriptions
Design and Engineering We provide end-to-end engineering services. By working within your scope and operational requirements, our engineers, engineering professionals will deliver timely, reliable, cost-effective solutions and designs, Protection & controls, Power systems, Renewable energy, Feasibility studies, Detailed design/engineering, Project development, Estimating Procurement, Turnkey EPC solutions, Commissioning & start up Operating/managing agreements, Site inspections and certification.
Project Management EEDSM, Scheduling Construction management, Direct hire construction services, Site development Service, Asset condition monitoring, Owner’s Engineer
Innovation Research Engineering and technology never cease to evolve, we at Saluseke Energy Solution aims to be part of the forefront to understand the real-world realities applicable to your solutions. If your system requirements need modelling, analyses, calculations, programming protection or studies, we gladly accept the challenge as our research is prompted by a client whose design is pushing forward the bounds of possibility.
From Transmission, substation, and distribution planning& design studies, Forensic engineering, innovation
Asset management Buildings and utilities have a limited lifespan and their value to your organisation will fluctuate during that time. Asset management is developed to help your organisation obtain maximum value from its assets, striking the right balance between performance improvement, risk reduction and cost optimisation.

Our asset management technique enhances both your strategic and operational asset management. we translate your policy choices into maintenance plans, technical inspections, improvements, specification, purchasing, tendering, supervised maintenance, revitalisation projects, sustainable solutions and renovations to premises, buildings, and utilities.

Claims adjuster As a public adjuster, Saluseke Energy Solution aims to promote professionalism and high workmanship across the energy sector, inspecting and examining work conducted or review of damages to property to find the route cause and validate against local and international regulations and standards. Never to lose sight of our client’s needs throughout the processes.
Skills development Saluseke Energy Solution is innovative and responsive organisation offering niche market educational consulting, vocational training, and value-added business support services to a range of public and private sector clients across the continent with aim to bring up skills levels for self-empowerment and to help grow the economy.

Design, developing young professionals, Organisational capacities, consultancy & services support,

Sustainable buildings How green are your buildings? This question is becoming increasingly urgent for organisations in every sector. Sustainability in buildings is important for meeting corporate responsibility ambitions. There are wider reasons for action too – as customers, investors, regulators, and society demand organisations take responsibility for their climate impact. Saluseke Energy Solution integrates multi-disciplinary expertise to deliver tailor-made advice and practical solutions for sustainable and green buildings. Choose an accredited and skilled partner with experience across an international client base and specialist knowledge in key markets.